Monday, June 24, 2013

Yvonne Okoro Tells BBC Why Movie Producers Do Not Do Historic Films

Yvonne Okoro on BBC with Komla Dumor
Yvonne Okoro at BBC
Star actress Yvonne Okoro has said on BBC Focus on Africa that Ghanaian movie producers shy away from historic stories because they do not generate a lot of money in this part of the world.
Komla Dumor, the host, asked her if there was originality in African movies because Hollywood is telling their stories but he does not see Ghana or Africa going that direction. Komla went on to say he would love to see Yvonne play Yaa Asantewaa.
But the ‘Contract’ actress explained that “as much as it is great to tell our histories truthfully, it does not generate a lot of money and any producer would love to do a movie and make his money”.
Earlier, Friday morning, she told BBC Newsday (radio) that the movie industry in Ghana has been contributing to national development.
She said the industry is a source of employment for a lot of young people both in the creative arts industry and beyond.
Yvonne was interviewed on Newsday on Friday morning from 7:30am Ghana time and was broadcast to millions of listeners across the world.  She is the first Ghanaian actress to be on these shows.

Credit: NEWS-ONE

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