Friday, June 14, 2013

Obrafour Is Not Profane-Sarkodie Declares

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Jay Z
Ghana’s award winning artiste Sarkodie has revealed that one of the main reasons he admires fellow Ghanaian musician Obrafour is because he is not profane.
He praised Obrafour saying the hip life veteran had been in Ghana’s music industry for a long time and managed to steer off the corridors of using profane lyrics, yet he is still relevant.
 The BET award winner made the comment while speaking in an interview with Channel O on Wednesday.
“Obrafour is not profane. He does not use profane lyrics like we the young ones do these days but he is still relevant and I like him for that,” Sarkodie said. 
He mentioned Obrafour in addition to two influential musicians; Kenya West and Jay Z as the musicians he likes and looks up to.
He said Kanye West is the only American musician who really looked beyond American music and came down to Africa to give African musicians a full time chance to be heard out there.  He, as a result, respects him for that.
With Jay Z, he said it has always been musicians’ dream to do business. But most of them find themselves quitting music totally to explore business.
However, Jay Z has been unique in that area. He didn’t give up music aside the fact he is also a successful business man and he (Sarkodie) loves that about Jay Z.     

By Francis Addo NEWS-ONE

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