Friday, June 14, 2013

Selly Didn’t Sack My Baby Mama- Praye Tietia

Praye Tietia and Selly
Praye Tietia, member of popular Ghanaian music group, Praye, is angry at media claims that his lover, Selly, who is currently representing Ghana at the ongoing Big Brother Africa reality show in South Africa was the reason he quit with his baby mama.

He described the claim as “lies” and suspected the people behind it were paid to drag their relationship in the mud.
According to a statement issued by Praye’s management, the rapper and his baby mama ended their relationship on mutual grounds some two years ago even before he met Selly.
“It is disheartening to read stories in the media that are colourfully painted with lies. Selly had nothing to do with the break-up of Praye Tietia and his children’s mother. The relationship ended mutually two years before he met Selly.
“We can confirm that he is responsible for his children and has always been. During his recent trip to the UK, he shopped for the kids (as every responsible father does) and has continued his responsibility of supporting them upon his return. There is no bad blood between him and his ex but mutual respect and understanding, as should be the case when there are children involved. She has a new child with a new partner and is happy. We urge the media to stop fuelling stories that do not exist, just because Selly is in the Big Brother House, and just because a journalist has been paid to disseminate false information,” Praye Tietia’s management revealed.
Praye Tietia and Selly’s love affair has been kept under the carpet until she decided to go on Big Brother; The Chase reality show.
It is unclear how long they have dated but it is obvious that they love each other.
Selly was reported to have said that “her boyfriend has influenced her life because he is extremely optimistic about life and has taught her to believe in herself”.
Indeed being in the Big Brother house and the media is another stage for their one time secret love affair. Its how they manage it, that would make it last long.
Selly is actress with a certificate in Broadcasting and Journalism. She is from Tema.
She entered Big Brother because of “the mouth-watering prize package” that she says would change her life, and also because she wants more drama in her life to “spice it up more.”

By Francis Addo (@fdee50) NEWS-ONE

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