Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Eddie Nartey Hides Manhood In Recent Poolside Photos

Eddie Nartey
Zynnell Lydia Zuh and Eddie Nartey

It is normal for actors worldwide to show off for the cameras in their swimsuits and underwear at the poolside or the beach especially during summer.
However, popular Ghanaian actor Eddie Nartey prevented snapshots from NEWS-ONE lenses, whilst he was caught in boxer-shorts at the poolside in Lagos, Nigeria, during the 2013 edition of the African Movie Academy Awards.
Eddie won’t allow the cameras to capture his manhood region in particular as he did everything possible to prevent it.
Minutes after he realized that photographers will not stop filming him, he jumped into the pool and remained in there for awhile.
Finally when he decided to come out of the pool, he requested for a towel with which he wrapped his waist.
Eddie’s manhood region looked very heavy and comfortably endowed. He probably didn’t want any unnecessary attention for it, hence his attempt to stop the cameras.
He covered his manhood in some of the snapshot NEWS-ONE captured.
Eddie was recently in the headlines after reports that his emotionally hurt Nigerian girlfriend, Miss Abali, stabbed him when she found him in their bed with another lady. But she denied stabbing him though confirming she found him with a different lady. The incident took place few weeks after he claimed he was a virgin.

Credit: NEWS-ONE

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