Friday, June 14, 2013

Hayaat TV Debuts On eTV

Latest on eTV Ghana’s line up of programmes is a new Islamic TV programme dubbed Hayaat TV Show which will start showing from Saturday June 15, at 10:00am.
‘Hayaat’ in Arabic means life. Hayaat TV Show is an innovative Islamic TV show concept aimed at informing, educating and entertaining Muslims in a modern way.
The show will encompass the teachings and the proscribed lifestyle of Muslims vis-à-vis the prevailing environment of today.
The concept was created to fill the void in Ghanaian TV programming. Unfortunately local content of this kind has been relegated to the background, leaving viewers to consume anything that is fed to them through TV.
The show comes in various segments which tackle peculiar issues on its own, but in the end, the goal is to keep all viewers well informed on Islamic themes.
The thirty (30)-minute TV Show is an Islamic entertainment show targeted at showcasing the entertainment side of the Zongo communities. Aside the numerous problems that beset the Zongos, perhaps it is important that the story is told about who they are as a people, where they have come from and where they are heading. 
At a media launch last week, Production Manager Abdul Hamid Issah said they had to reshoot some episodes to meet the standard so as to open up the scope of people they are targeting.
“A lot of the feedbacks we got after showing some footage at the launch necessitated that we reshoot some scenes again. It was a lot of work but knowing the mark we want to leave on viewers’ mind we had to take that into consideration,” he said.
Hayaat TV Show starts airing on Saturday, June 15, on eTV Ghana. Being the flagship Islamic programme ever to premier on eTV, the managers are beside themselves with joy that they would be able to break through and get another target of audience they have been missing for some time.
The show has five segments: The Recital, Lessons, Model Mosque, Ummatul Islam plus News and Events.
The Recital deals with some Quranic recitals. There is a surprise here so viewers should be on the lookout. Viewers are also taken through some basic lessons in Islam. Non-Muslims and Muslims alike are educated on topical issues in Islam. Do you think you know a lot about Islam? Some prominent mosques across the country as they prepare for Friday’s Jumah prayers are also covered on weekly basis. A closer look is taken at the Imam’s Khutbah (Friday Sermon) and he is asked why he picked that sermon as well as the essence of it to all Muslims.
A selection of Muslims who are well established in their respective fields of endeavour are interviewed to share their experiences with the youth. They tell their stories of poverty, lack, disappointment, education, faith and religion with viewers.
Viewers will also be brought up to speed with highlights of events and news across the zongos.
The show is hosted by Nurudeen Mohammed and Isha Lolo. Nurudeen has worked as a news anchor, reporter, producer and the head of entertainment news desk for two and a half years at Metro TV.  No stranger to TV, he brings enthusiasm, creativity and efficient delivery to bear on the set of Hayaat TV Show.
Isha personifies self-motivation. She is a strong lady who exudes lots of inner and outer beauty with a sharp sense of ‘Deen’. Aisha is also an entrepreneur who would serve as a perfect inspiration for young Muslim girls. Aisha brings inspiration, motivation and self-empowerment in addition to excellent multi-lingual presentation style to the fore.

Abdul Hamid finally promises, “All Muslims and non-Muslims that the content was carefully chosen, with enterprising and fun hosts, great graphics to go with, all to entertain, inform and educate”. Hayaat TV Show is a Hayaat Studios production and airs on eTV this and every Saturday at 10:00am.

Credit: NEWS-ONE

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