Friday, June 14, 2013

Nallem Clothing Promises Amazing Styles At Exopa L-Fashion Night

Some of Nallem Clothing styles

Ghana’s fashion giant, Nallem Clothing, is one of the award winning fashion houses that will be clothing plus-size models for the upcoming Exopa L-Fashion Nite event.
The L-Fashion Nite is a fashion and modelling event introduced in 2008 to purposely to bring some innovations into Ghana's fashion industry whilst promoting African fabrics. 
It is also aimed at introducing new trends onto the runway and helping to nurture plump models who are interested in a modelling career. 
This year’s event will come off on June 30, at the Exopa Burg behind the Accra International Trade Fair Centre and among the top Ghanaian fashion houses to show their latest trends is Nallem Clothing.
The company will be lining up impressive creations of different types including ladies’ straight dress, skirt and suit, linen blouse and other accessories as jewellery, handbags, footwear etc.
Fashion enthusiasts are as a result assured to watch out for amazing styles from the fashion house. 
“We use only the finest textures and colours of fabric and materials in creating our exotic Clothing and Accessories at Nallem Clothing. We are well known for our Unique Designs, our use of Quality Fabric and our excellent workmanship,” it described its products.
“Nallem Clothes no doubt convey a sense of beauty, elegance and honour.
Nallem Clothing is known for creating clothing for the urban professional; a combination of elegance, creativity and style embracing the essential elements of African culture and tradition, hence its slogan – The confident urge.
 Already one of the big players in Ghana’s fashion industry, it hopes to grow into a global player in the fashion industry with outlets in major fashion cities across the globe, influencing seasonal collections, fashion trends, colours and playing a key role in establishing Africa’s presence on the International fashion scene”.
To achieve that it has evolved with its product line that features clothing and fashion accessories such as hats, jewellery, wallets and bags for men, women and kids.
It currently takes pride in its unique designs crafted with quality fabrics and finished to perfection.
It will put some of those works to display come June 30, and fashion enthusiasts are advised to come and witness the latest trends from Nallem.

By Francis Addo  NEWS-ONE

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