Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Israel Paapa Ofori Hosts Christian Entertainment On Sunny FM

Israel Paapa Ofori

The entertainment industry has been accorded such prominence in recent years, thanks to the myriad of entertainment talk shows that have inundated the airwaves, all for the right reasons.
While all these well-patronized shows put the spotlight on the entire creative arts, a new entertainment show veers from the norm and presents a novelty that is sure to garner much attention and give a new dimension to entertainment talk shows in Ghana.

The ‘Christian Entertainment Review’ show is an entertainment show that places emphasis on Christian-related events. It is a show that critically looks at Gospel music and its purveyors and also analyses all manner of industry issues ranging from movies, fashion and lifestyle - all from the Christian perspective.
With gospel music being arguably the most patronized and well-received genre of Ghanaian music, it is only appropriate and well-timed that a show dedicated to the genre and its related issues be aired.
The ‘Christian Entertainment Review’ show has been running for a couple of months on the award-winning Christian-oriented radio station, Sunny FM, 88.7 MHz to rave reviews and acclaim.
The show also has accomplished entertainment personalities who discuss various critical issues every week and deliberate and analyse general industry-related issues from the Christian perspective. High-profile regular guests on the show are award-winning gospel artiste, Pastor Josh Laryea, Nii Ayite Hammond, a respected industry brain from GhOne Entertainment Television /Charter House, as well as other industry honchos like Ernest Kwesi Ennin, CEO of Media Excel and others.
‘Christian Entertainment Review’ is also geared at promoting and exposing contemporary gospel music that has been relegated even in the gospel genre of Ghanaian music. The show airs this and every Saturday on Sunny FM from 9:00am to 10:00am and hosted by Israel Ofori, a young and budding lad who has experience in the gospel music fold.

credit: NEWS-ONE

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