Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Yvonne Okoro Tweets About Jackie Appiah

Yvonne Okoro
Star actress, Yvonne Okoro yesterday did the unexpected when she tweeted about fellow actress Jackie Appiah’s latest movie titled, ‘Cheaters’.
‘Cheaters’ currently awaits an anticipated huge premiering event at the Silverbird Cinema in Accra on May 24.

The movie happens to be Jackie Appiah’s first love role film with popular
actor Adjetey Anang after separate careers.
It also stars the likes of Omar Sherriff Captan, Okawa Shaznay, Chichi Neblett, Uche Iwuannyawu, Henry A. Asiedu and a host of others.  
Yvonne’s tweet urged her fan base to go and see the movie on May 24.
“On May 24 at Silverbird Cinemas 7pm prompt. Cheaters, a movie directed by Frank Rajah. U [you] need 2 [to] c [see] this,” she tweeted about the poster of the film.
Some of her fan base retweeted the message and replied to assure they will attend the premiere because of her.
Jackie Appiah
Some also said they would only come for the premiere, if Yvonne Okoro will attend the ceremony, so they will get to take photos with her.
A lady from Takoradi also tweeted that she was coming to Accra for the movie because of Yvonne.
It is the first time this year Yvonne has tweeted about movie she didn’t feature in and a movie Jackie Appiah has starred in.
It is not clear what Yvonne and Jackie’s relationship is at the moment since they’ve not been seen together in a long time.

 By (@fdee50) NEWS-ONE

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