Friday, May 31, 2013

I Won’t Quit Acting When I Turn Pastor –Omar Sheriff

Omar Sheriff Captan
Popular Ghanaian actor Omar Sheriff Captan has said he is not thinking about quitting acting any time soon.
Last week reports linked the actor to taking a French leave from acting to do God’s work after he had said he was going to be ordained a pastor very soon.
But he told NEWS-ONE that, “I am not quitting acting. I will act while I also do God’s work. I will do it hand in hand.”
Over the years, Omar has not openly displayed his Christian faith until two weeks.  His latest revelation that he would be ordained pastor has thus come as a surprise to many who did not know his religious side.
Omar is one of Ghana’s best actors, known for his roles in movies such as “Outrage’, ‘Dark Sands’, ‘My Sweetie’, hit soaps‘Tentacles’ and ‘Broadway’, and ‘Tinsel’ among others.
He is an actor synonymous with captivation and dynamism. Once upon a time, he was the sexiest man to grace TV screens in Ghana and a lot of young men and women adore his good looks and smooth flow.
Omar just describes himself as a simple everyday person who goes about his daily chores diligently.
He used to be a consistent face on ‘Tinsel’ but he has not been that constant in mainstream Ghanaian movies like his younger pals in the industry.
But thank God fans will see more of him because he would still do God’s work and still make himself available in Ghana’s movie industry.  

Credit: Francis Addo (@fdee50)

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