Monday, May 20, 2013

Hit TV Series: Illusions Comes With The Veterans

William Addo and some other cast
Some of Ghana’s one time hot actors who are now considered veterans are making a comeback in the new hit series Illusions.
Most veterans in Ghana’s movie industry hardly play major roles in recent movies. But a chunk of them are starring in the new series, NEWS-ONE gathered. 
Williams Addo, Kojo Dadson, Fred Amugi and a number of others are all enjoying a cool breeze in the series. Also in the series are new faces who no doubt are taking lessons from the veterans. 
‘Illusions’ is a satirical mini drama series that comes with very interesting episodes. It tackles issues and themes about peer pressure, boy/girl relationships in communities, parental neglect, bad parenthood, family war, AIDS and other sexual related issues.
The rest include drugs and its effect on the youth. Simply put it is themed on societal issues.
‘ILLUSIONS’ has three main story lines which emerge and split as the story unfolds. There is one for the youth, one for the parents and the last one for the growing adult. It is currently showing on GTV every Thursday.

By Francis Addo

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