Monday, December 2, 2013


Princess Haifa Bint AbdulAziz al Mogrin of Saudi Arabia has preferred Serengeti National Park for field experience by the participants attending the forthcoming youth forum in January next year in Arusha. Princess Haifa made the remarks after visiting Serengeti National Park and managed to see the abundance of wildlife natural resources. “ It is unbelievable, I used to read about  Serengeti through various literatures but today I am
overwhelmed from what I can see here. It is my first time in Africa and particularly in Serengeti and I don’t regret at all in coming here” said Princess
Haifa. She said that although the forum organized jointly by Tanzania National Parks and the Saudi Arabian Government will be done in Arusha, the youths attending
the forum will have to visit Serengeti National Park for three days and have a field experience by visiting various conservation projects in the Serengeti such as the Rhino Management Program; Wild dogs Re introduction Project as well as Lion and Hyena Research Projects.

The forthcoming youth forum on Biodiversity Conservation scheduled for January 17-­‐‑28 next year in Arusha will be attended by youths from both Tanzanian and Saudi Government. While in Tanzania, the delegates will have an opportunity to visit also some of he wildlife institutions in the country such as the College of African Wildlife Management Mweka; Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute; Ngorongoro
Conservation Area and Kilimanjaro National Park.
The Princess who is the coordinator of the forum, said that this forum is taking place for the first time in Africa and Tanzania was chosen to host the forum due to its historical background and commitment in protecting wildlife natural resources supported by the peace and security prevailing in the country.
The main theme of the forum is “Construction and Implementation of the Regulatory Framework for Biodiversity Conservation” and will involve about 50 youths from both Tanzania and Saudi Arabia who will have an opportunity to interact and discuss on the future of biodiversity conservation in the two countries.
The youth forum is an initiative by King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz for dialogue among the forums worldwide under the program Saudi International Youth Dialogue Forums. These forums provide the platform for Saudi youth to interact with their peers from different countries, while adopting their creative initiatives and solutions under various themes.
Issued by:
Public Relations Department
Tanzania National Parks
02nd December, 2013

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