Friday, December 27, 2013

France ADPI to Upgrade Zanzibar Airport

French Owned Engineering Company, Aeroports de Paris Ingenerie (ADPI), will manage the design and construction of a second terminal at Zanzibar International Airport.
After adapting design plans, carrying out further engineering studies and settling negotiations with Chinese building company BCEG, APDI will manage the resumption of work on a new 25,000sq metre terminal that will allow an additional 3 million passengers a year to come through the airport.

Construction of the second terminal, to be known as Abeid Amani Karume International Airport, was stopped in 2012 due to a failure to comply with international aviation standards.
Eager to resume the project due to the strategic benefits that it provides for tourism in the region, the Zanzibar Airport Authority (ZAA) and Ministry of Infrastructure and Communication (MoIC) have selected ADPI to take on the role of Project Manager until the terminal is completed.
Guillaume Sauve, ADPI CEO, emphasized that the expertise and experience of the French engineering company would ensure that value would be delivered for clients.
In 2012 Zanzibar welcomed 168,223 arrivals from overseas. 
SOURCE; TanzaniaInvest

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