Friday, December 20, 2013


Sanje waterfall in Udzungwa Mountains National Park is one of the waterfalls in the national parks system of Tanzania having the highest waterfall about 270m high. This waterfall has a unique and distinct characteristic that gives a wonderful experience to visitors.
Sanje waterfall is divided into three stages 170m the first, 30m and 70m which is far way about 3.2 km as one moves towards the peak. Sanje waterfall is renowned all over the world as it offers a beautiful and pleasant environment for visitors to refresh after a long hike. The falling water from the mountains accumulates in small naturally formed pools in which visitors can enjoy pleasure moments by swimming, breezing and playing. In other words Sanje waterfall is the natural swimming pool.Despite being so unique to both Udzungwa and Tanzania national parks system as whole, Sanje waterfall has a hidden feature that adds its peculiarity or distinctiveness to the world. One of the waterfall stages the longest one (170m) displays the map of Africa showing clear demarcation of boundaries as it used to be appear on a piece of paper.
Under normal circumstance most of the visitors who take a visit to Sanje may not easily notice such a peculiar feature and may get back to their home or destination places with the only one or two stories of the waterfall excluding this, unless exceptional curious visitors. Taking a good example of a trip conducted by students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Management from Sokoine University of Agriculture during their field practical training at this site where very few of them grasped that interesting piece of information after being told by one of the park tour guide (Mr.stanford). This proves that Sanje waterfall is among the world’s outstanding natural site having a spectacular and wonderful feature.This special feature found within the waterfall coverage area is more attractive than one could expect. For a visitor who comes for a hike to Sanje waterfall for a study, exploration, relaxation or other interests, this site is the best.Sanje waterfall particularly the 170m section displays the map of Africa that appears to be naturally drawn with no human inputs. Interesting enough not only continent boundaries are visible, some parts of the map represents the actual nature of the country’s climate and geography. For instance some dried vegetation as a result of waterfall impacts makes the part looks like a desert at an exact point where Saharan desert is found.This feature can be easily visible either at the first resting point or at the base of this waterfall first section. Some of the park tour guides may negligently not disclose such information for good intent/reasons, that to assess whether the visitor can observe the site and make a discovery by telling that secrecy to the guide. Otherwise they usually give information to the visitor after a hike when at this resting point if the visitor did not notice such a feature.

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