Friday, November 29, 2013

South Africa's Bungee Jumping Booms Adventure Tourism

Tourist experiencing Bungee Jumping

Orlando towers

Exciting scenes from Soweto
Bungee Jumping in South Africa is bridging the gap between adventure and tourism as many more tourists have been engaging in the jumping excitement.
 The country has a lot of enjoyable activities to promote tourism in that part of the world, but the experience of Bungee Jumping is really boosting the country’s tourism, according to reports.

Bungee Jumping is basically an activity that involves jumping from a tall structure while connected to a large elastic cord.

In the hub of Soweto lies Orlando Towers, where one of South Africa’s Bungee Jumping and other kinds of exciting activities take place. It does not only provide excitement, but also gives tourists an opportunity to have an awesome view of Soweto from the top of the towers.

Well designed and painted to reflect the famous sons and daughters of Soweto as well as traditional township scenes, the towers are used for different adventure experiences.

These include bungee jump, a tower swing (the world’s first between two cooling towers), an internal tower swing and base jumping, all off the top of the West Tower, some 100m up.

Anyone who visits South Africa and does not visit the Orlando Towers would miss an opportunity to experience on of the best parts of South Africa.

The Soweto Bungee Jump sees one jumping 33 storeys down, and the Power Swing offers freefall for 40m until the swing cables kick in.

The ominously named Abyss, is similar to the Power Swing but sees one jumping inside the tower, swinging across the width of its base.

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